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When we say we may be able to help with your last minute golf needs

we mean just that; last minute golfing holidays and breaks. What we want to offer your to give you choice aplenty for your next golfing holiday. We offer on this domain some of the best and most compressively priced golf tour packages and accommodation on the Internet. So what we do is to put you directly in touch with any of these golfing businesses or tour operators you choose, and allow you to deal directly with them.

Who are we? We are the Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN) an independent organization that, in this case, makes its living by helping golfing enthusiasts with finding last minute golf breaks. We work, either for a commission or a click-through rate, with the golf tour package and accommodation providers listed here. Please try them. In the case of when we ask you to provide personal details to ATN we make this promise. We will not provide your details to a third party. Many thanks for visiting this page.

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